Another Catalyst of Hope at 6 Stones that many people have not yet heard about is Ken Price, Director of Community Ministries and the apartment community outreach. This program reaches out to many different complexes in HEB. Volunteer teams set up in area city parks or apartments and cook free hot dogs, with chips and drinks for the area residents. There is music, bounce houses, cotton candy, popcorn and sometimes prizes. But beyond the free stuff, what is happening?

A new program has been formed to place new 6 Stone Chaplains at the outreach events to mix and mingle with the residents. Chaplains are those who have been called to share the gospel, minister one on one, build relationships and just be a good listener. Chaplains are not necessarily ordained ministers or preachers and can be seen as less threatening while mingling.

Chaplains will be issued different color 6 Stones volunteer CHAPLAIN shirts to identify them in the crowd. Men and especially Women Chaplains are needed. Qualifications include being a follower of Jesus Christ, the volunteer heart to help others & share the gospel, listening skills and the desire to help identify others needs and keep confidentiality. Chaplains must pass a background check and be willing to learn more about Chaplain do’s and don’ts. Some reading and training resources are available.

If you are interested and called to this area of ministry, please contact coordinator Chaplain Mark Massey at or @ 469.387.7130
We are preparing for the next event.


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