Below are some comments sent in from the parents and families that were a part of Night of Wonder this year.  Can you make it through all of them without tearing up?

I really appreciate everything yall do and what yall did that night to make us understand the real meaning of christmas.

Thank you to all that helped make the Night of Wonder a reality. I appreciate all the time and effort each one puts in to making this a magical time for the families.

Thank you for helping my family

you make a kids so happy and they thanks god and pray for every one of you .god bless all of you .

In October my grandson was given to me out of no where and because of this I was not prepare financially. I was so scared how I would be able to handle Christmas therefore both my grandson and myself were very happy. The angel and self made ornament was a big surprise and will be part of our Christmas for now on.

I am a single mom of three with no family in Texas and no help from their father so this event helps me tremendously every year!

Thank you so much.

Everything was good. Appreciate your help. Thank you so much.

I could not afford to buy them anything. To see the smiles on their faces made a big difference.

Thank you so much for helping my lil family my girls will enjoy everything they received

I was fired from my job about 2 weeks before the party. At that point I didn't have a single gift for my children. Each one of them got an outfit & a toy. I am actually cooking my turkey this evening, which will feed my little family for a week! I feel truely blessed that complete strangers would love my family enough to help us in a time of need. I pray that every individual who participated, in anyway feels God's love in their lives, as I have.

Thank you for taking the time to give our family a Christmas party…the kids enjoyed their gift and dinner…for some families this is all they get….be proud that you were able to touch their lives and make a difference! Good bless each and everyone of you!

Gracias por todo y por las atenciones con mi familia fue muy especial para nosotros.

thank you very much for all you did i had a wonderful time and yall did a great job

We recently experienced a break in over Thanksgiving so it was a huge financial setback. This experience was a huge blessing for my family and it came on time.

I am appreciative of your support…the only complaint my children had, was that the Christmas party was too short ! They had a lot of fun…

Thank you so much. My kids have a christmas bc of wonderful people like you.

god bless every one this year has been the worst and you all have made it the happiest for me and my children.thank you all

Dios los bendiga, Gracias por los regalos, nunca voy a olvidar las caritas de felicidad de mis hijos, gracias a todos donadores y voluntarios, por conparcompartir con nosotros su valioso tiempo. (God bless you for the gifts, I will never forget the happy faces of my children, thanks to all donors and volunteers, thank you for sharing your valuable time with us.)

My husband has recently found a job,praise The Lord. However, we are still struggling until we can catch up on everything. This is one less meal we have to worry about. Not to mention the wonderful gifts my babies will be opening on Christmas morning!

thanks to everyone it was great!

God Bless and thank yall so much! Very humbled-

Thank you!! Thank you for taking the time and making the extreme effort to make this happen every year for families like ours, who hit hard times and are slowly rising back to a “fully functioning” level financially. Especially at this time of year, when it seems harder than ever (at least, to us) to keep everything in perspective when it comes to paying bills and still letting the kids retain positive thoughts (and later, memories) of Christmas. Thank you all so very, very much!!

I really appreciate everyone who assisted with the evenings events. As well as those who donated items and food. This was our first time receiving items for Christmas and my 15yo child was extremely touched by the thoughtfulness of the giving. Thank you to everyone!!!!

What you do is a god send! I am looking forward to being in a better place financially so that I could pay it forward! Thank you all so much!

Thank yall so much it was a blessing.

Thank you. It was truly a blessing.

We were very blessed to receive these gifts and a meal to serve our family. This did help us very much so to bring joy to our children.

We were blessed!!! Everyone gave us a smile and treated us with care!! Showing Jesus in the school environment is beautiful and I'm thankful

Thank you so very much. I am very great full

Thank you so very much from my Family to all of yours. If not for 6 Stones my Family would have no Christmas this yr under the tree. I know it is not about the gift's but about the Birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. You all are a true Blessing to all in need. I am truly Thankful and one day I pray to be able to donate to 6 stones to help others also. Stay Blessed/ Jesus is Best.

It was so wonderful to hear the real meaning of Christmas in the schools.

I really appreciate everyone that donated items to my family. Its very hard to support 6 kids on my own. Because of you my family is blessed.

Our children wouldn't have had any presents to open or a meal to eat on Christmas Day, due to our circumstances.  Now they do thanks to you.  Thank you!

Thank you for helping to make my grandchildren's Christmas special. They've been through a lot the past couple of years. My husband passed away in February and the kids came to live with me May 14th. I received permanent custody in November. My income changed when my husband passed away but fortunately, because of his retirement and my social security, I have enough to take care of our needs, but not a lot of extras. Christmas was a concern for me, so I thank you for all you've done for us.

I listed a few things above, but I would say that such a small thing they did made a huge impact in my life. It amazes me that a stranger would be so generous. I know God is good and I hope everyone who helped every family would be truely blessed in return. Thank you for making a difference in our lives!

No words . Just, thank you for all you do!

Absolutely love what you guys do for our community Im always trying to pay it foward by the many blessings me and my family recieve Your events are always well organized

These two words seem so inadequate but thank you and you have made my family's Holiday. God bless you and yours.

gracias por todo lo que icieron no solo por mi familia sino por todas las demas familias. y estoy muy agradecida con toda la gente de buen corazon que contribullo con un granito de arena para que estaesta noche sea magica e inolvidable. atte ericka prieto. (thanks for everything not only for my family but for all other families. I am very grateful to all the people of good heart that contribute a bit for – it was a magical and unforgettable night.)

Thank you for all your help. It really made a difference in our holiday.

I wanted to say thank you for helping, me and my family out in our time of need

You made a wish come true!

Thank you so much for everything, my family really appreciates it!

I thought that the hearts of all involved were wonderful. I would love to give thanks to God for all that he is doing through the lives of those involved.

i would say thank you very much for doing gods work.i was very moved and touched and left feeling so very blessed thank you and god bless

Thank you very much!

You have become a part of our lives that we will always remember.

May God bless you! Such a sweet & thoughtful way to help others! Amen!

thank you for being kind and helping out

God bless you all .thank you so much for you love .

Thank you for everything they have done to make our Christmas special God bless you

Thank you for taking time to make our holiday a very special one.

You have no idea how much all of you have blessed my family during this difficult time. Thank so much for your wonderful generosity. God bless

Thank you so much for your kindness…and giving a single mom something to look forward to this Christmas!

Everybody did a great job. All of their efforts were greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your generosity and kindness. Good bless you!

Thank you for the kind gesture, we appreciated it very much. God bless you and have a happy holiday!

Thank you for everything! thanks for the blessing.

Excellent work for the kids and ours families.God Bless

Thank you 🙂

Thank you for your attempt in helping me give my children a happy Christmas. It is much appreciated.

Thank you so much! You all made a big difference this Christmas for me and my family.

You have blessed our family immensely this Christmas! Because of your kindness and generosity, our children have gifts under the Christmas tree this year. Thank you so very much!

I really do appreciate the effort and I know that the little ones will enjoy their presents!

My family thanks you and asks God for you continue with this beautiful work.

Thank you! Every year this helps so many families that could not otherwise afford it. I know it helps us out since we can not afford Christmas otherwise.

You all did such an amazing job during the event and it is easy to tell that you truly have a love and desire for what you do. Thank you for everything!!!!

Thanks for blessing my family in so many ways not just at Christmas but throughout the year the entire staff are true Angels

Thank you so much for everything, for doing something you didn't have to but did it in hopes of making a difference and you did. God bless you

I am very grateful to all that helped out because it has really made a huge difference for my family, especially this year

Thank you so much for blessing our Christmas this year! It makes a world of difference to know someone is there to help families in our situation. Thank you,and God Bless

Thank you for a very special night for my family and God bless you

Without your help my children would have been unable to receive a gift for Christmas. We appreciate the time and effort you put in to make our Christmas truly happy. Thank you for all you do for all our families.

Thank you so much for your generous help, my children enjoyed themselves and we are so thankful

Thank you for a wonderful evening. And also for your continued support of my family through the years. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. God bless everyone who is associated with this awesome program!

Thank you very much for blessing my family w a great gifts and food thank you God bless and Merry Christmas to all

You made our children really happy this christmas. Thanks

God Bless each and everyone of you. Thank you for having a heart like our lord and saviour and may all have a very Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Thank you to the girl at my table, I forgot her name, but she was so very sweet. Robin?? Something like that. She visited with my daughter, listened to my story, and said she'd be praying for me. Everything was so positive and upbeat and it's so nice to be able to actually “talk” about the birth of our savior, Jesus, at Christmas, which is the reason for the season. I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this event, and as soon as I get a job, I would like to give back to this program. Blessings to you all!!

Thank you for all the help and your time that you dedicate to us many thanks! god bless all of you!

you have made a huge difference in my kids holiday thank you and god bless


Thanks a lot it takes a special person to give their time unselfishly.

Thanks so much for your gift of giving. You helped my family and any other families have a good Christmas.

I would like to say it is wonderful that so many people give up so much of their time to make this possible my children loved the toys they got my daughter carries her doll round everywhere she will not put it down you guys are the best, Merry Christmas to all of you & we will see you in the New Year God Bless to each & every one of you

Thank you and it has been a blessing.

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts my children received from the Night of Wonder party we attended. Our Christmas will be extra special because of this. Thank you to all the sponsors and volunteers for making this wonderful event happen.

I thank you for the thought put into the giving. Lego set was something I could not afford w/just starting back to work this month @a new job. Flannel shirts for the boys was also a great gift. They will be so surprised and happy which will make me happy as well seeing them happy. Thank you sooo much…SMILE

I would just like to thank everyone who made this possible for all these children and all these families! You all have truly blessed every single person here! I wish I could go and give every single person a hug who made it possible. I'm getting choked up just thinking about the blessing that you've passed on to our family and our children! I can't wait to one day bless a family the way that you all have blessed us. Thank you so much for your time, effort, care, and love! God bless you all!!!

Thank you so much for help us

All of your hard work and time and energy is very precious. Thank you for all yall do for us and the community.

You guys just don't know how much you have helped us! We appreciate everything you went through to make sure we didn't go without. It's so nice to walk into the school and see everyone's smiling faces. Thank you sooooooo much!!!!!

Thank u so very much for helping to give gifts to my children

I appreciate all the effort it took for this event to happen. I am thankful beyond words that I received this help and I hope to pay it forward in the future. Thank you very much!

thank you very much