In August 2009, 6 Stones was offered and accepted a full truckload of yogurt without having the cooler space or outreach to handle such a large quantity.  Born from that experience was a partnership with a couple of neighboring nonprofit partners to collaborate and share our storage space, transportation and food resources.  Early in 2010, the concept of Food Share Partners, a collaboration of local nonprofits to form a logistical network to handle any/all free food offers by the truckload from anywhere in the USA, was proposed to 6 Stones. The early formative years of 2010-2011 saw a slow, methodical growth in members, added storage space/transportation assets, increased food donations, expansion of the geographical base and a significant increase in the client base.

Moving forward to the close of 2013, Food Share Partners witnessed more than doubling of members from 5 to 11 agencies and an average of 20-23 truckloads of free food per month, covering the key counties in DFW (Tarrant, Dallas, Collin, Denton, Wise) while serving 300,000+ clients.  2013 was a very good year: we received $1,193,110 or 675,840 pounds in free food.

How's your math?  Our average truckload value is $95,000.  Our average freight cost is $3,500 per load.  $95,000/$3,500 = 2,700% or stated another way: $1.00 covers a delivery of $27 in food – a 2,700% return on your investment.

Would you like to sponsor a free truckload of food?  To learn more about ways to get involved, please visit

Alex Horton, Food Resources
6 Stones/Food Share Partners


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