Two weeks ago, a father called the 6 Stones office. He had received backpacks and school supplies for all of his children the Saturday before at the first weekend of Operation Back 2 School, and explained how he had just gone through some life changes that left him without the means to purchase all the items his students needed to begin the coming school year. He expressed how grateful he was that so many people cared about his family and were willing to help his kids get everything they needed for school. OB2Sphoto3As the conversation continued, he said how he wished he could give back, but did not have any money to donate. Once it was explained to him that the very same event would happen again the coming weekend at Campus West, he enthusiastically asked if he and one of his sons could still sign up to volunteer. He was so excited to be able to give his time to help others in similar situations as his own. Love builds community

The father realized that it is not just the money donated that makes a difference-it is the resources, the time given by volunteers, the relationships that are built. It is the love that is shown to strangers, the hope given to students and families. All these things combined transform lives in our community. Thank you for being a catalyst of hope in not only the lives of this family, but so many across HEB ISD through 6 Stones initiatives such as Operation Back 2 School.


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