We've said that for a long time. It's one of the most important things we stress about the Community Powered Revitalization (CPR) program. The houses are important, and we love fixing them. But they aren't the goal. When we repair a house, we want something to change for the homeowner. We want to restore our Community, not just the buildings in it.

So it was pretty fantastic to hear someone else say that we don't restore houses. We restore people.

Spring 2017 – By the Numbers

5 cities served during the blitz: Hurst, Euless, Bedford, Watauga, and Richland Hills

100 homes restored in Bedford over the course of our history as of this blitz

92.5 miles driven by a volunteer from Athens, TX; the longest commute of the weekend

8,960 ounces of coffee distributed during the course of morning rallies

66 organizations who donated cash or supplies for the blitz, representing every sector of the community from for-profit companies to youth groups and churches

43 volunteer groups of ten or more, which combined with smaller groups for a total of 1,226 individual volunteers

1,500 pounds of ice used in lunch and drink coolers

2,970 breakfast items consumed by volunteers during the morning rally, from breakfast biscuits to donuts

75 feet between two work sites in Richland Hills, the shortest span in the blitz

572 gallons  of paint and primer used during the weekend

47 delivery drivers helped to haul lunch and construction supplies to each worksite

826 paintbrushes provided during the blitz, 14 for every 20 volunteers on any given site



  1. DAVID LITTLEFIELD on April 25, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Good Morning Scott!
    Your video is a wonderful overview of how 6stones is impacting lives! Listening to those who have received help is a clear indication of how God continues to bless your efforts. May he continue to provide wisdom, discernment, encouragement, protection, sensitivity to God’s Spirit and GREAT JOY as you/staff/volunteers touch lives for His kingdom.

    To God be the glory!

    David Littlefield

    • Steven Jones on April 29, 2017 at 2:14 pm

      Thanks for your support, David! We couldn’t do what we do without you and your prayers (and, of course, a God big enough and powerful enough to do these things and more).


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