In 2010, Chidinma followed her husband and sons across the ocean from Nigeria to Texas. Beginning in October of that year, the family of seven — two boys, three girls, and two parents — spent a few months with in-laws before finding a home in Euless. They lived within a mile of 6 Stones and depended on the New Hope Center as they settled into their new lives.

Seven years later, Chidinma is an archetypal 6 Stones success story. Not because she escaped poverty (although she did). Not because she landed a job as a nurse here in Texas (although she did). Chidinma represents the pinnacle of our lofty goals here at 6 Stones because she learned something even more valuable than job skills. She learned about Community.


We’re proud to be part of this community and to find ourselves in the middle of its unique, charitable spirit. In fact, we’re dreaming of the day when the work we do here inspires others to be more like you. A day when there are thousands of communities like HEB rather than just one. We hope you'll join us in chasing that dream.

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