Community Powered Revitalization requires an intense amount of planning. Every blitz sees hundreds of volunteers at dozens of work sites, each with its own set of specific needs and tools for the job. So when heavy rains delayed the Fall event in 2018, we were worried. Pushing back, even by a few weeks, meant juggling all of those logistics. There was no guarantee that anyone would show up. Homeowners waited anxiously.

And this community showed up.

It might not have been the size of a usual blitz, but it was perhaps even more impressive. In two weekends, some 496 people turned out to repair homes across Hurst, Euless, and Bedford. That's an amazing turnout for a community that had only a few weeks to prepare. A community that gave up two Saturdays and braved the cold in order to do what needed to be done.

More importantly, homeowners like Barbara and Mitchell saw firsthand that people in their neighborhoods care about them. That their health problems and financial struggles didn't define them.

Thank you for proving, once again, that Community is stronger than any obstacle.

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