Two years ago, Leslie and her children attended Night of Hope at South Euless Elementary. She was mere weeks removed from a cesarean section, and still recovering from the operation. Her newborn child had his first Christmas in the halls of his siblings’ elementary school. For Leslie, Night of Hope wasn’t about the gifts. Like many parents in our community, she and her husband spent weeks marinating in the stress of the holidays. They felt guilty just thinking about skipping Christmas to save money. But the alternative was unthinkable, too: skip a bill. Pay rent late. Maybe face eviction again.

Even with both parents holding down good jobs, the budget was uncomfortably tight. That’s where you stepped in.

This post is the final installment in a series exploring the impact of Night of Hope at a single elementary school. You can also see the event from the perspective of a school counselor or a volunteer host. Better yet, you can sign up to be part of the magic yourself by volunteering or sponsoring a child for $65!

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