It's amazing. No matter how many times we put on a Community Powered Revitalization (CPR) event, you never hear the same story twice. Sure, there are common threads. Veterans. Single moms. Survivors. But the details make every homeowner different. That's the beauty of CPR. There's a person behind every hammer and every nail.

In the Spring of 2018, in spite of the looming rain, over 1,000 volunteers worked to restore 39 homes in five cities. Homes that sheltered people like Chester, whose yard was his pride and joy until age and disability stripped him of the power to keep it up. Or Shari, a widow who relies on a trained support dog to assist her but also trains dogs to assist others.

Each and every person we serve during a weekend Blitz is incredible. But they aren't the only inspiring stories. You are, too. When we go back to count up all the ways this work makes a difference, the biggest impact is one we can't measure. But it's something everyone seemed to understand: coming together makes us stronger, defines who we are as a community. The most important work happens in our collective community spirit.

So thank you. Thank you for showing us, once again, just how incredible you are.

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