In the course of our work here at 6 Stones, we have interviewed all kinds of people. CEOs and Social Workers. Teachers. Veterans. People who have all but given up hope, and people whose unwavering faith has challenged our own. Everyone has a different story, but we think people spend too much time on what makes us different and not enough on the things that bring us together.

Would you believe us if we told you that everyone reading this post would answer at least one question the exact same way? If we asked you why you joined the 6 Stones team, you’d all say something like ‘I'm here because I want to make an impact.'

The beautiful thing about this place and this organization is that we can all start there. And that, when we do, our power as individuals grows and intensifies because we can come together and become something more. Individually, each of you is a Catalyst of Hope. Together, we are a powerful Coalition.

That’s what the Catalyst of Hope Luncheon is about. We want to celebrate the things that make this community special, starting with the people in it and the way they are transforming this place for the better. People who have made something that seemed impossible ten years ago into something that happens every day in this community now.

Our 2018 Award Recipients are…

Community Powered Revitalization Game Changer: LG Services

Operation Back 2 School Game Changer: NE Tarrant Lions Club

Night of Hope Game Changer: First Baptist Church – Hurst

New Hope Center Game Changer: Carolyn Keeling

Community Garden/ Urban Farm Game Changer: Jason and Rachel Thurman

Community Ministries Game Changer: Larry Lehrmann

Liga HEB Game Changer: Zeb's Foundation

Corporate Sponsor of 2018: Bank of America

Corporate Volunteer of 2018: Lockheed Martin

Faith-Based Organization of 2018: Compass Church

School-Based Advocate of 2018: Tami Emery

Next Gen Award of 2018: HEB ISD Adult Transition Center Students

Inkind Sponsor of 2018: Republic Services

Gary McKamie Catalyst of Hope Award: Pastor John Meador

This is an award that we give to one individual every year. A person who is not only a visionary leader in our community but whose character exemplifies everything we believe in at 6 Stones. Someone who inspires us, and who — if we’re being honest — is usually too humble to want anything to do with this award. 

We call it the Catalyst of Hope Award not just because that’s our tagline here, but because we believe in the scientific implications of that word. That a Catalyst is an element that accelerates change without changing in and of itself. Naturally, this award recognizes men and women who are as unwavering in their leadership as they are inspirational.

In fact, the full name of the award is the Gary McKamie Catalyst of Hope Award, named after its first-ever recipient, who just so happens to be serving as our interim CEO at the moment. We dragged him out of retirement to be the steady hand at the wheel that we needed during an important period of transition near the end of last year.

Since Gary first won this award, it has been given to a host of incredible leaders:

Gary McKamie

Dr. Gene Buinger

Ken Thompson

Steve Lineweaver

Betty Sheppard

But in this, our tenth year, it only felt right to give this award to one person. Someone whose passion and vision are the reason 6 Stones came into being ten years ago, and remain a key component in our continuing success today: Pastor John Meador.

To view more photos from the day of the luncheon, visit the event's photo album on our Facebook page.


  1. Jerri Bradlaw on February 14, 2019 at 7:15 pm

    I know its hard to select outstanding individuals from an outstanding team of many winners.
    I truly support and appreciate each and every reciepient for outstanding service this year. However in the future it would be great to see more of the volunteers I’ve worked with for nearly 9 years at least recognized.

    • Steven Jones on February 15, 2019 at 9:08 am

      We have so many incredible volunteers! We completely understand the sentiment; every one of you deserves to be recognized. But we can only select so many individuals each year. Feel free to send us a list of nominees for next year! In time, we’ll make sure that everyone is recognized for their valuable contributions.

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