Dear Friend,

As the new Executive Director at 6 Stones, I’ve had the privilege of seeing our programs for the first time this year. The excitement of a soccer championship game. The bright smile on homeowners’ faces as they watch a group of people working diligently to make their home beautiful. The squeal of a child as they pick out their own backpack and receive the supplies they need to start the school year prepared. The gratefulness expressed by the parent who didn’t know if there would be Christmas presents under the tree this year. The guests who come to us in need of food and clothing, and leave with something far richer — HOPE

But you – you’ve seen it all! You’ve poured your support into this organization, and YOU are the reason each of these sweet moments is even possible. 

YOU are a Catalyst of Hope!

With your help this year, volunteers and staff at 6 Stones have been able to:

We had an amazing, generous guest a few weeks ago and she blessed me with my very own jewelry!

These are great accomplishments, but we still have more to do!

A few weeks ago, we were particularly busy at the New Hope Center. A sweet guest named Ressie was walking around with a box full of brand new necklaces.  Each necklace has a heart-shaped pendant with an initial on it. Ressie wanted to share the riches she had been given. By the look of elation on other guests’ faces when they got a necklace personalized for them, you would have thought Ressie was giving out gold!

One shy mom, Fife, smiled at this moment of kindness. With her daughter, Crystal by her side exclaimed, “Really? You will give this to me?!”  

The sense of excitement was not just that guests were receiving a beautiful necklace – an unexpected gift. It was that a fellow guest was giving out of the little that she had to share with total strangers. If I've learned anything this year, it's that many people in this community are abundantly generous.  It affects not only the person receiving the gift but also the giver.  This spirit of generosity is contagious and can uplift a whole community.  That's why I feel confident in issuing you this challenge!

Because of that increase in New Hope Center visits, we need to raise $60,000 to start strong in 2020.  Whether you have a little or a lot, please consider a donation to help fill this gap.

There are some truly incredible people in our community!

As 2019 comes to an end, I want to thank you for all you’ve poured into 6 Stones. The financial gifts, the volunteer hours, the food and clothing donations, and so much more. The heart of this community is one that beats for serving others, and that is the reason that 6 Stones exists and is able to be a Catalyst of Hope in this community today. 

My prayer for you is that as we look to the horizons of 2020, God blesses you abundantly so that you can continue to serve this community well with your time, talents, and treasure. I cannot wait to see what the Lord accomplishes through you and 6 Stones in the coming year!





Jennifer Leney

Executive Director6 Stones


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