As we celebrate our first decade, the staff at 6 Stones felt that we ought to reflect on the history of our organization and programs. We invited key figures from the early days of this nonprofit to share their memories of the process by which we became the organization we are today. What follows is an Oral History of 6 Stones, as narrated by the people who made it happen.

The history of 6 Stones is vast and complex. It weaves together various organizations and programs, all of which have evolved over time. Rather than attempting to trace these interconnected changes, we have divided our history into thematic sections and arranged those pieces in something resembling a chronological order:

PART I – A Community in Transition

PART II – Community Powered Revitalization

PART III – Operation Back 2 School

PART IV – Night of Hope

For more on the New Hope Center, which is technically older than 6 Stones but an essential piece of our organization, click here. For additional context, please see the official timeline of 6 Stones events.

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  1. Tarrah Zimmerman on January 23, 2020 at 9:18 am

    Gary Phillips is why this organization even exists. Why was he not interviewed or even mentioned in this article? Did John Meador forget that part of the story? Bad form!!!

    • Steven Jones on January 30, 2020 at 11:35 am

      Hi, Tarrah!

      We certainly don’t want to underplay or undervalue anyone’s contribution to 6 Stones; so many wonderful people contributed to the formation of this organization! We’re grateful to Gary for everything he did to lay the groundwork for 6 Stones. Thanks for your passionate support.

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