How Can I Pray for 6 Stones?

Pray for our Community


  • Domestic disturbances are increasing during the Shelter in Place order. Pray for families and for the vulnerable.
  • Our city partners will have to deal with a huge loss in tax revenue because of COVID-19.
  • Many of our neighbors are experiencing increased fear and anxiety during this time.
  • Millions of Americans have filed for unemployment in the last few weeks.
  • Students and parents are adjusting to online/continuing education.
  • Local businesses and sponsors face difficult decisions in the next few weeks.

Pray for our Programs


  • Momentum is going to shift to online attendance on April 8.
  • Praise for amazing volunteers who are doing a great job during the pandemic!
  • We need favor in grant applications this year, as grant funding will be essential to recovering after the quarantine.

Pray for our Staff


  • Rachel received CT scan results and is considering next steps in her battle with cancer.
  • A few of our staff are nursing injuries or illness; please pray for their healing!
  • We are hiring! Pray for the right person to assist with School-Based events.
  • The entire staff covets your prayers for our health, capacity, and protection.