Operation Back to School is one of the most glorious expressions of the love of Christ being shown through His people that I have ever witnessed. As this outreach ministry has grown in recent years, so too have the needs. The majority of the children in the schools we serve come from economically disadvantaged homes. Operation Back to School brings help and hope to the lives of thousands. Likewise, thousands (actually tens of thousands) of dollars and hundreds of volunteers are necessary to fund and staff Operation Back to School. A prayer was offered at a meeting of community, church and school leaders asking that God would marshal the resources of both personnel and finances so that thousands of lives might be touched for their good and for God’s glory. I am asking you to be one of the resources the Lord uses to accomplish this monumental task. You will find that the gratitude in the hearts of parents and joy on the faces of children will prove to be well worth your investment. Thank you, in advance, for what you and your great God will accomplish together!” 
-Dr. Jeff Burnett, Pastor, First Baptist Hurst and HEB ISD School Board Member


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