On December 17, 2012 the City of Euless named Sr. Cpl. Todd Murphree as their employee of the year.  Todd Murphree is a member of the Euless Police Department and is very involved in the community as well as 6 Stones.  We asked him to share his heart and what he has been a part of in 2012:

In early 2012 I approached Lt. E. Starnes with an idea involving outreach to the community.  For 13 years in law enforcement I dealt with individuals in low income housing with little to no support from anyone.  Often I found myself dealing with the same people over and over for various reasons.  It occurred to me that these are people that had no hope in their lives.  I began to see that I spent so much time trying to solve problems for Euless residents and all I could offer was a temporary fix.  I have been taught all my life to take my problems to the one true problem solver, Jesus Christ.  Here I was working in the very profession God had chosen for me and not even practicing what I knew was true.  I began to understand that I can not provide true hope for people, but I can provide them with the one who brings true hope.

I asked Lt. Starnes if it would be permissible to begin an outreach to the community and start a Bible study.  My goal was to reach the apartment complex residents down the highway 10 corridor.  I wanted to take the word of God to the people in our city.  Lt. Starnes turned me on to the family of 6 Stones.  Soon I was introduced to several members of 6 Stones including Kenny Price.  I began having lunch with Kenny regularly and we talked about different directions for our vision.  I began to see that it was not my vision but the vision of many that needed to be coordinated.  Within a few months several apartment complexes in the highway 10 corridor were opening their doors to 6 Stones and the Euless Police Department.  Bible studies, kids clubs, cookouts, and meaningful spiritual conversations began taking place.  Through the partnership with 6 Stones people are being reached that need it the most.

I often come into contact with people when they are at a low point in their life.  This includes anything from substance abuse to relationship issues, to financial struggles, to mental health concerns.  Providing these people with help is not enough.  Providing them with the promise and hope found only in Jesus Christ is the most powerful thing I can offer.  Thanks to 6 Stones, we are doing that together in abundance.

Sr. Cpl. Todd Murphree
Euless Police Department

Thank you Todd Murphree for being an example to us all of what it means to be a CATALYST OF HOPE!



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