A few Saturdays ago at New Hope, a lady came in that had just gotten out of a domestic violence shelter. She is now trying to start a new life with her 9 year old daughter. They have basically nothing – no furniture, just a few outfits, and the pantry is bare.

They came to New Hope to get a few school outfits for the daughter and some food to get them started. She asked if we had any furniture. I told her that we don’t offer furniture because we don’t have the space to store it. She told me her situation and that she literally had only a couple folding chairs in her new apartment.

As I was telling her that I would call around and see what I could find, another lady walked up. She said that she couldn’t help overhearing the lady talking about needing furniture. Her daughters had bunk beds they had outgrown and she needed to get rid of them. So, the two ladies traded information and arranged to deliver the beds that afternoon.

Then, another client walked over and told them that she felt so encouraged seeing people willing to give and not just take all the time. Right then, the three gathered and that third woman prayed over each of them.

All of this took place right in the lobby – it was so encouraging to see the mutual encouragement and the community taking care of each other.


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