We've had this week circled on the schedule since the season started. Real Euless and Hurst City finally hit the end of their collision course on Wednesday and their clash was all we hoped it would be. But the most exciting thing about the showdown didn't happen during the run of play. It came after the match when rivals — who in all likelihood had just decided the regular-season title — gathered together to share a laugh and a sandwich.

Many of the students in Liga HEB are connected. Some share a language or country of origin. Some are cousins or even brothers. For them, Match Day is a chance to show off their skills and make new memories in the process. But even those who aren't related have something in common: the international language of soccer.

So even after three close games turned into a trio of blowouts, even after hard-fought wins and losses, students in this league can gather in front of a goal and kick a ball around. Eat dinner together. Make friends. That's what this league is all about. Matches are just the backdrop.

Real Euless Locks Down Top Spot in Battle with Hurst City

In what will likely prove to be a preview of the Champions Cup Match, Real Euless came out strong and finished stronger. Hurst City — who traded shirts with Raiders United for the day — hung with the top seed for the first half but lost their grip on the game after the break.

Euless pushed the attack from the opening whistle, generating a handful of chances that missed wide and low in the early moments. Their efforts paid off, though, winning them a corner kick that they converted into the opening goal early in the half. The initial ball found a winger at the far post. City's keeper managed to punch a header away, but the rebound fell to another man in white, who fired a volley into the open net to put Real ahead.

City fought back, netting their own tally to find themselves trailing 2-1 at the half. The game shifted after that. Real Euless will likely be taking the Golden Boot home this year after their striker put together a brace in the second half. His quick strikes put Euless in the driver's seat for the duration of the match, and Real managed to sneak a fifth goal in just before the final whistle. It's a lopsided final score for a match that should have been much closer.

Second Half Explosion Sends Spartans Past Stallions

Both Spartans and Stallions have struggled this year, and each club came into this fixture with eyes on their first win. It looked as though they'd split the points early on, but Central found a way to elevate their game in the second half. A 1-nil match became a 5-1 blowout in the span of twenty minutes.

Much of the blame here lies with a shaky Stallions defense who gave away the only goal of the first half under pressure from Spartans. The Horsemen came back to level the score after the break, but couldn't keep composure after that. Spartans jumped ahead again mere minutes after the equalizer when their striker outran a sluggish center back to set up a one-on-one showdown with the Euless keeper, who didn't have a chance on a shot fired high to his right.

There was blood in the water after that. Spartans went on a tear, netting three more goals — including a 40-yard rocket — with a series of celebrations that made the match feel like its own championship. To their credit, the boys in black never lost heart or hung their heads. In a building season, that attitude is key: you've got to stay positive when you're struggling to get points.

Raiders Spoil Kit Debut for Bedford United

After weeks of anticipation, Bedford United finally debuted their hoops. Unfortunately, the new uniforms didn't come with a result. An unfortunate rhythm of strong-first-half-clumsy-second continued for the Broncos, who held Raiders to a single goal in the opening period before being blown out late.

Bedford has a strong candidate for the Golden Gloves between the pipes, and their keeper made a spectacular diving punch save to keep the score close in the first half. They had an equalizer called back minutes later when their striker settled a low pass in front of the net and snuck it into the far post on the ground. Raiders United caught him offsides by inches.

The final score doesn't show it, but this Bedford side is much improved from their debut. Their defense is more composed and they back each other up well. Their interior passing is more crisp and purposeful. But Raiders United are still a top-three team in the league, and they did what great teams always do: exploit weaknesses and capitalize on mistakes.

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