We are one week into the annual Black and Blue Showdown food drive, and we are excited about the enthusiasm we see in the community! This year, with every HEBISD school participating in the friendly competition, we are anticipating great results.

Let’s look at what has happened in our community during this first week of the Showdown…

This week, about 335 families (that’s about 1150 people) visited one of the food pantries in HEB. Those food pantries gave away over 13,600 food items to families in need this week.

This week, 1327 food items were collected on school campuses in HEBISD.

Black 989
Blue 338

We still have three more weeks of the Showdown, so the competition is just beginning! And, Moritz Kia has stepped up to sweeten the deal for the winning schools. The winning school at each level (elementary, junior high, and high school) will be awarded $1,000 to be used however school administration desires.

 To get involved, visit Black and Blue Showdown.


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