One local church doesn’t let their small size stop them from being a catalyst of hope in our community. In late June, the junior high and high school students from Calvary Baptist Church in Euless canvassed a neighborhood, distributing informational flyers and empty paper sacks to every house. The flyer explained that the group would return one week later to collect the paper sacks, which were to be filled by the neighbors with food items needed at 6 Stones – New Hope. So just as promised, the students went back out one week later to canvass the neighborhood again. This time, picking up the sacks of groceries along the way. In the end, the group collected nearly 50 sacks full of groceries to be given out at New Hope. Normally, a church of Calvary’s size would not have been able to have such a successful food drive on their own, but they found a way to get their neighborhood involved!

A few days after receiving the donated food items, we received a phone call from a woman who lives in that neighborhood. When Cindy became aware of 6 Stones and the help and hope offered to our community, she wanted to do more than fill up her paper sack. She wants volunteer on a regular basis so that she, too, can be a part of making a difference in our community.

Those students that spent their Saturday mornings collecting food donations probably didn’t realize that they would also be opening the door for a new volunteer. In the same way, Cindy may not get to see the immediate results of her time volunteering. But each person, in their unique way, can be a catalyst of hope to transform our community.


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