Euless Church of the Nazarene began partnering with 6 Stones in December 2009 with Night of Wonder.  Here is their experience:

We started out just volunteering, not really knowing for sure we could handle adopting some families, let alone hosting a party for an entire school.   After 2 years of “helping” with the party for Midway Park Elementary, we were asked if we were ready to host.

After talking with several church members, we decided to host our first Night of Wonder party for Midway Park Elementary in December 2012.  Having the chance to meet with the principal and administration of the school, we knew we were in the right place.  The night went off perfectly and opened the doors for other partnerships between our church and the school.

When the STAAR testing came around the following April, we contacted the school to see if we could pray for the students and staff as they prepared for this big test.  The administration was very open and even invited us to come on a Wednesday night before the test and pray in the classrooms, halls, and over the desks.  Leading up to the STAAR test, we received an email from the counselor that they needed some shoes for underprivileged students and asked if we could help.  We collected over 50 pairs of shoes during that week and were able to deliver them the night we went to pray.

We also knew that this was a stressful week for teachers, so on the two days of testing we brought in treats and goodies for the teachers to let them know that we appreciate what they do and how they invest in the lives of students.

With the success of these events, our church decided we were ready for the next step—that we would officially adopt Midway Park Elementary and invest in that school year round.  During registration day in July, we handed out around 600 popsicles to returning students who came to register for school.  We also provided treat bags for each teacher and administrator for the first day back.

Through our partnership with 6 Stones, our church was introduced to Midway Park Elementary, and we would like to thank 6 Stones for opening up the door for us to invest in the lives of the students and teachers at this incredible elementary school.


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