My father always grew a large garden and freely shared his produce with neighbors, friends and anyone who stopped by. He included his children in every aspect of gardening: soil preparation, planting, weeding and harvesting. I was certain I knew how to garden and that I had inherited his ability but after a few sorry attempts at gardening in Texas found that just wasn't the case. The thing I did inherit was the desire to get my hands in the soil every spring and to taste a garden grown, vine ripened tomato. When I heard about the Bedford / 6 Stones Community Garden I jumped at the opportunity. I liked everything about the concept of a community garden. I was grateful for a sunny place to garden and I especially liked that classes would be taught and that I could receive personal help from master gardeners. I was eager to learn all I could and share the bounty with others.

I am in my second year of gardening and it has been more rewarding than I could have imagined. I have reaped more than just vegetables from the experience. I have met so many friendly, like-minded people who share my passion. I have felt great satisfaction in planning, planting, nurturing and successfully growing edible produce. The most satisfying thing about my gardening experience is the connection I have found with my teenage daughter who seems to share my love of gardening. I have learned so much and continue to learn with each growing season.

– Karla

Upcoming opportunity:

Register online now for the Rainwater Harvesting Class on Saturday, July 13 at 9am



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