Having been clean and sober for two years, Shannon was struggling to maintain a new way of life in her hometown of Temple, Texas.  She ultimately decided that she would need a fresh start in a new environment.  A two-and-a-half day journey by foot brought Shannon to Euless with only the clothes on her back and a slight chance that old friends may offer her a place to stay.  Shannon found herself sitting in a Sunday morning service at one of our local churches on Mother’s Day; she was convicted that she needed more than a location change in order to really have a fresh start on life.  She knew she needed the hope offered through Jesus Christ, and she gave her life to him in that moment.

Shannon now has hope that her life can be different, that it can be better.  She has dreams and goals, and a desire to make a difference in this world.  But just like you and me, Shannon is going to have obstacles standing in the way of reaching her goals.  She has real needs that will require real solutions.  Most of all, she needs the support and encouragement of others who will come alongside her to walk this new road.

For over four years now, 6 Stones has had the great privilege to touch thousands of lives by meeting practical needs and bringing hope to hopeless situations.  Thousands of children have received backpacks and school supplies to start their school year off well.  Thousands of families have received gifts and a meal to make the Christmas season bright.  Hundreds of homeowners have had a new life breathed into their homes.  And thousands of families have received basic necessities of food and clothing through the New Hope Center.  But we believe more can be done, and we’ll need your help to do it.

John Maxwell states, “If [you] want to improve, then [you’ll] engage in a process and stick with it.”  Just like Shannon, many of the families that have been touched by the ministries of 6 Stones have dreams and goals for a better life.  To reach those goals, these families will have to engage in a process and do the necessary hard work.  Often, the first step is the most difficult, not knowing exactly what that first step should be or even what lies ahead.  That’s where we can do more.  We can be a catalyst that helps people to take those first steps which will launch them into the process of transforming their lives.

This year, we want to do more to engage families in opportunities that will provide equipping in finances, relationships, employment, and much more – real solutions for real needs.  Shannon is one of many that need caring individuals to join with them as they work to set and achieve goals.  It’s all about building relationships that will be a catalyst to transform lives, homes, and our community.

If you would be interested in teaching and equipping classes, mentoring a family, or if you have any ideas for real solutions that meet real needs, let us know!  Email Katy Dearing at kdearing@6stones.org.


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