Wow, I could not be more proud of 6 Stones and this community!  Time after time, the Board, staff, volunteers and this community respond to the sound of the starters pistol.  We have run race after race and come out a winner every time because of the drive, focus and effort put forth.  That was never more apparent than May 18th with the Run for Hope.

Way back in July of last year, Matt Lucas, CEO of Luke’s Locker heard our story and threw out a challenge of a 1000 runners for our first year.  As we like to say, “it’s amazing what you can do, when you don’t know you shouldn’t have done it?”  That was a lofty goal for a first year event.  1421 runners later, this community exceeded expectations again!

I hope you were part of this wonderful day…the comments were so wonderful and supportive.  It took a lot of time, energy and people to pull this off.  But, it’s now time to start the next race!

As we were crossing the finish line, applications for Operation Back 2 School were pouring in.  The need in our district has not diminished, it has increased.  4018 students have asked for help to start school with the supplies, backpacks and social services necessary to be a success at school and to help mom be a success at home.  We have also been asked to go the extra mile and support our secondary students!  We have been asked to push ourselves, 6 Stones and this community to help 1625 secondary students.  This event typically is a $100,000 event, but now we are looking at $140,000.  Runners to your marks…are you ready to run with us?

But, this run is part of the bigger picture for 6 Stones.  We need you to run this leg of the journey with us, but we need you to run with us all the way to the finish line!  In just four years, we have gone from helping hundreds, to now helping thousands annually.  In 2009, our race was about $220,000 to meet those needs.  In 2013, we need to raise $1,200,000.  We have had a great start, but just like our 10K this year…the hills are before us.  It’s a tough course, but it is one we can do.  One we have to do, one I know you can do.

We are counting on you…lets get up, get out, spread the word and get others to join us as we Run to Win!  Join us by giving a one time gift, become a 6 Stones partner and invest monthly or give in another way.

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  1. Brian on July 20, 2013 at 12:22 pm

    Im just a high school student but me and a couple of friends were wondering how do we participate into this event.

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