It's been ten years since the first Euless Revitalization blitz. Even longer since the first two homes were repaired. Even though the program has only been called “Community Powered Revitalization” since 2011, it's become an enduring part of the culture here in the Mid-Cities. That isn't something we did. It's something you built, year over year.

Over the weekend, 1,114 people volunteered to be part of the restoration. 28 homes — and 28 families — got a fresh start. Each of them had different physical needs but beneath it all, there was one universal need: to be loved. And you gave that to everyone.

Rochard, a veteran and former Lockheed Martin employee, watched as nearly 40 volunteers from his former company completely restored the home he's lived in for 53 years. Evelyn, a grandmother raising three grandchildren, depends on Night of Hope every year at Christmas. She just discovered that this community supports her even more deeply than she could have hoped.

No matter which homeowners you talk to, no matter which blitz, they always say the same thing: there aren't words for your generosity. We couldn't agree more.


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